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Advertising services

Advertising layout, design

Advertising layout is the initial stage of a project that requires a lot of creativity. The customer always wants his advertisement to be not only clearly visible, but also tastefully and clearly presented. We pay special attention to the layout of the advertisement, creating it and taking the style and specifics of the activity approved by a specific customer into account. Advertising design – at this stage, designers and engineers combine visual interpretations with knowledge of materials and technical solutions. Our main goal is to meet all the expectations of our customers and consumers without any problems. All of this creates a resilient, friendly relationship between us and our customers that we are very happy about.
Advertising layout is divided into several stages:
  • Advertising design,
  • Design preparation,
  • Harmonization of technologies, terms and costs of advertising production,
  • coordination of advertisements with local government.
Advertising layout and design
Coordination of advertisements with local government

Coordination of advertisements with local government

In order to implement an advertising project, it is not enough to simply design, produce and install advertising. A mandatory condition that must be fulfilled in order to do everything legally is the Coordination of advertisements with local government. Before starting the production of outdoor advertising, we first prepare an advertising project, coordinate the advertising permit with the local government, prepare the necessary documents so that the advertising meets all of the requirements.
Don’t have a real say in the preparation of advertising projects? Or maybe there is not enough time to coordinate the permission of the advertising project with the local government? To save your precious time, leave all the worries of coordinating the advertising project to us and we will make sure that your advertising vision becomes a reality as soon as possible.

Advertising mounting, maintenance and repair of advertisements

The installation of the advertisement is the last stage of the advertising project and the most pleasing moment for the customer, when the ordered advertisement is fully completed and mounted in the desired place. Mounting, maintenance and repair of advertising for us is definitely not a new thing. We have accumulated many years of experience in the mounting of Advertising stands and billboards, which allows us to do the job without any shortcomings. You can contact us for all of the following advertising installation works: signs, LED advertising, advertising banners, channel letters, advertising outdoor pylons and exhibition stands. Advertising mounting, maintenance and repair can be performed at any height.
Our company performs maintenance and repair work on advertising: we renovate, mounting and dismantled old billboards. We hang banners of various sizes. An important thing to our team is that the customer would be satisfied with every detail after the project is done. Therefore, we provide a 3-year warranty for all of our promotional products! Throughout the warranty period, we promptly react and eliminate any problems.
We provide advertising service (post-warranty service) not only for our products, but also for the products that were made by other companies. Renovated LED advertising or channel letters have no difference from a new product, and you can save more than half of the total price of a new product.
All of the renovation work is given an additional 1 year warranty!!!
Advertising mounting, maintenance and repair