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Advertising pylons

Advertising pylons are towers designed to highlight important information. The main reason, why businesses use pylons, is that potential customers can see them from a distance. This is also a good way to let people find the place, especially if your business is hard to find.
Pylons might be used for other purposes such as information from multiple companies. Depending on the size, the pylon construction is made of aluminum or ferrous metal profiles, as well as stainless steel profiles.

Variety of pylons

Pylons can be luminous and non-luminous. Of course that glowing pylons will be seen better in the dark, so you will get more customer attention. Like other types of bulk advertising, pylons have many design options that can be completely exclusive in design. Each client expresses their wishes and our team creates the design based on the client’s preferences including size, shapes, color, fonts, and graphics.
Pylons can be exclusive and combined with volumetric letters. This promotional tool can be designed to suit your specific brand and business.